Instrumentalization of infrastructure: railroads in Ukraine

Russia has accelerated the exportation of wheat, which I commented in another article. Russia has dispatched personnel to repair railroads while they don’t make efforts to restore vital infrastructures such as electricity, gas and water networks.
Below, you can see a picture of work on the destroyed railways in Sartana and Volnovaha settlements, in the Donetsk Oblast on May 28.

Reconstruction of destroyed railways in Ukraine, in the Sartana and Volnovaha settlements
Reconstruction of railways destroyed by warfare, in the Sartana and Volnovaha settlements

Of course, one may argue that railways are not only used to send troops and material to other parts of Ukraine but also to transport food needed by the population. However, the railroads are used to export grain out of the country. The below picture was taken on June 7 in the Zaporizhia Oblast. 11 railway cars were loaded with grain in the town of Melitopol. From there, the train departed on a line leading to Crimea.

Railways cars filled with wheat in Ukrain, in the town of Melitopol
Wheat transferred by rail, in the town of Melitopol

This example shows that one should be careful when considering civilian actions conducted by armed forces. They may appear as humanitarian aid but in fact serve other means such as supporting the war effort or even plundering the country.

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